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Touch Dynamic

LunchTime Software will run on your existing hardware if it meets the minimum specifications. However, if you need hardware for your serving line, we have partnered with Touch Dynamic, Inc. to deliver an all-in-one solution to meet the needs of your system.

The Breeze All-In-One Point of Sale (POS) System is a revolutionary product in All-In-One POS design. The Breeze touchscreen All-In-One POS system features a fanless Skylake Intel Celeron 3955u 2.0Ghz CPU.

The Breeze’s unique ability to slide out the motherboard gives you an easy service and upgrade path. The Breeze also boasts a quick detachable base and is also compatible with the Universal Printer Base. The Breeze truly is a “breeze” to service and delivers the quality and stability you need for the LunchTime Software system.

To learn more about Touch Dynamic, visit their website at www.touchdynamic.com.


Our software can save many hours of data collection and compilation, maximize your meal reimbursement dollars, minimize the time spent of managing student account information and much more.

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