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Focus School Software

Focus is an enterprise-level Student Information System (SIS) providing the most modern SIS system on the market, specifically built for public K12 education, including CTE/Adult Ed programs. Focus partners with school administrators to serve more than 2,000,000 students across the country.

The Focus SIS:

  • Is completely web-based and loved by users for being powerful and easy to use.
  • Incorporates features to meet current circumstances with remote attendance, contact tracing, and positive behaviors for wearing a mask.
  • Provides an engaging platform to digitally connect students, parents and teachers through our portals and Community Mobile App which includes SMS messaging.
  • Is OneRoster and Ed-fi certified offering API real-time integrations.
  • Includes robust built-in reporting, analytics and dashboards.
  • Incorporates State & Federal compliance reporting to maximize funding.


Partner integration with Focus is designed to offer:

  • Single point-of-entry.
  • Real-time integration of student, parent, & staff records.
  • Photo identification.
  • Lunch Alerts from Focus Health.
  • Import of Free & Reduced Status' from LunchTime applications.
  • Low Balance call lists for automated phone call-outs.
  • Compatible Student ID Cards.
  • Single-sign-on (SSO) for parents from the Focus Portal to see account balances, transaction histories, and account deposits without logging in twice.

To learn more about Focus School Software, visit their website at www.focusschoolsoftware.com.


LunchTime Software was developed in partnership with a school district to address needs that were not met by existing school lunch program systems.

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