System Administration

The LunchTime System Administration module handles all of the behind the scenes activity for your school food service operation. All of the data import/export, synchronization, school & patron management functions, and administrative level reports are available in this module. Some of the highlights:

  • School District Reimbursement Setup:
    The Reimbursement screen allows administrators to configure the federal and state reimbursement allowances. The associated Reimbursement Report allows you to view a snapshot of the reimbursement amounts you will receive in real-time.

  • Patron Management Utilities:
    Allows for definition of the patron status (full-price, free, reduced, adult). The ability to import and schedule synchronization of student and teacher information with your SIS package is provided in this module.

  • School Definition Screens:
    Allows for definition of the meals served at the selected school, the cost for each patron status by meal, and the maximum negative balance allowed per patron.

  • A la Carte Item Management:
    Configuration tools to allow for specification of the A la carte items available for each meal and their associated cost. A single a la carte item can have one price for the entire district or a different price for each school.

  • Public Access Management:
    Utilities to manage parental access to the Public Access module.

  • Account Funding Management:
    Allows for viewing and management of credit card transactions made via the Account Funding Module.

  • Reporting Interface:
    Allows for generation of reports on all areas of data maintained by the system. Some reports include: Monthly Reimbursement, Patron List, Patron Balance, Amount Tendered, Meal Counts, Terminal Transactions and Record of Cash Receipts.