Free and Reduced Software Module

The Free and Reduced Software Module allows for entry, processing and calculation of household eligibility for free or reduced price lunches. Some of the highlights of the Free and Reduced Sofdtware module include:

  • Income Guidelines:
    A screen which allows for specification of the various income limits for free or reduced meals based on household size and payment frequency.

  • Application Entry Screen:
    A screen to provide you with the ability to enter application information. Simple search screens to allow you to easily search and find students. An income screen allows you to enter all of the household members and their incomes. The income screen allows for entry of multiple payment frequencies per household member.

  • Application History:
    A button on the application entry screen which provides information on the change history of the application and also the letter history of all of the letters that have been generated and mailed for the current application.

  • Application Search:
    A screen providing the ability to search for applications based on applicant name, student name, or application id number.

  • Letter Writing Module:
    A series of screens that provides the ability to manage district contacts and generate system letters. Contact Management utilities are provided allowing for the ability to provide different contacts for each letter. Letter search and batching criteria allow for easy selection of how you would like to generate letters. Once the letters have been printed, a screen is provided to print out mailing labels for the letters on Avery 5160 labels.

  • Automatic Update To POS:
    When an application is processed changing the student's status, the Point of Sale system is automatically updated. There is no need to do an export from the F/R application into the POS as the update happens in real time.

  • Reports:
    System reports provide Free and Reduced counts broken down by school and grade. Another report shows a discrepancy list of students whose POS Status does not match their status in the Free and Reduced software system. This could occur because in the System Administration application the ability is provided to manually set a student's status outside of the Free and Reduced software module.